Surfing Sisters Rose Garden 2017

For every $2 donation, a rose will bloom in our 2017 Rose Garden. Visit often to watch our garden come to full bloom! Thank you for your donations!

Click this button below to add your own roses to our beautiful garden!


Roses have been given in honor of (some sisters have multiple roses in their honor):


Surfing Sisters of Delta Zeta Chapter
Lydia Joiner
Andi Howard
Tricia Suncin
Laura Hortz Stanton
Kristin Safi
Tracy Bank
Andrea Anderson
Angel Hjarding
Mim Starr
Deanna McLendon
Kris O’Brien
Leah Van Meter
Cassie Guthrie
Melissa Waldron
Diane Rafle
Liz Baker
Tina Leannah
Donna Baldwin
Kate DeLeal
Robbi Kesler
Liz Hansen
Christa Ebner
Mary Jo Ratliff
Glynda Daniels
Amanda Taylor
Abbe Leal
Tarrah Zomer
Lisa Smith

Misha McShane
Jennifer Severn
Nikki Hammes
Kristen Safi
Katie Franklin
Lisa Logan
Melanie Koch
Mia Morin
Donna Baldwin
Cheryl Couch
Hope Corizzo
Babs Mohnkern
Kailyn Glassmacher
Megan Capuano
Jennifer Lloyd
Jenn West
Allison Carrow
Peggy McCarty
Shenna Creech
Chelsea Graves
Deanne Lucario
Jennifer Bohannan
2017-2018 Surfing Sisters E-Board
Cheryl Triplett
Amanda Atchley
Alicia Miner
Haydan Smith