Forum Guidelines

***Please be advised that the guidelines immediately below this message relate to the official home of Surfing Sisters, the Forum.***

Surfing Sister Posting Guidelines

Updated January 29, 2018


Surfing Sisters Alumnae Chapter respects the privacy of each of its members. Information contained in Surfing Sisters’ directory is considered confidential and is used by Surfing Sisters for the limited purpose of performing official business associated with the alumnae chapter. Members’ personal information shall not be used by Surfing Sisters for personal solicitation, commercial, political, fundraising, or any other purposes, or sold or given to outside individuals, agencies, companies, corporations, and third parties. Personal information, including addresses, telephone numbers and e-mails, shall not be disseminated by Surfing Sisters or any of its members to outside individuals, agencies, companies, corporations, and third parties for solicitations, lists or other uses unless said individual, agency, company, corporation, or third party obtains Surfing Sisters’ prior written approval.

If you have any questions, or need further information regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact Surfing Sisters Alumnae Chapter at


Surfing Sisters is a private group restricted to initiated members of Delta Zeta Sorority who are approved for forum access by the Vice President of Membership.  Only approved members should post or login.  If you need to get information to the group and do not have access to the forum, please contact an officer by e-mail to the following address: This guideline is established to keep confidentiality and privacy within the group.


Dues Paying Members of Surfing Sisters will have access to all areas of the Forum, except for restricted sub-forums, such as the Executive Boardroom, Committee sub-forums, etc.  Non-Dues Paying Members will only have access to the “WELCOME TO SURFING SISTERS CHAPTER HOUSE” Forum and all sub-forums contained within, as well as the following Sub-Forums: “Turtle Talk” and “Officer Announcements.”  The Content Monitors will endeavor to keep threads within the appropriate Forum or Sub-forum. Therefore, if a thread is started in Turtle Talk that would be better suited to Taboo Topics or Television/Movie Spoilers, please be aware that it will be moved, and access will be restricted based upon each member’s status as a Dues Paying Member or Non-Dues Paying Member. For example, if a Non-Dues Paying Member starts a thread in Turtle Talk about a particular television show, it will be moved to Television/Movie Spoilers, and the Non-Dues Paying Member will no longer have access to the thread she started.


We screen new members to ensure they are Delta Zeta sisters in good standing and require login information to access the forums, but we cannot fully guarantee that only sisters are viewing the forum. If your computer is left publicly logged on, anyone may view the content if they can access your computer. If you are accessing the forum from work, please remember that you are on your company’s server; the forum may therefore be accessible to personnel within your company. This list can be considered a legal means of communication in which what you write on the forum can be used against you in a court of law. Due to these access concerns, there should be no discussion about the following:

  • Ritual
  • The crest
  • The meaning of our badge
  • Anything else that pertains to the secrets of our sisterhood
  • Military troop movements
  • Intimate family secrets/stories


Your signature can be a maximum of five lines. You are allowed ONE image in your signature. You may either use any smiley built into the forum, OR a picture of your own choosing with a maximum HEIGHT of 165 pixels and a maximum WIDTH of 400 pixels and no animation. Please keep the content as clean as if you were able to pass it around at a chapter meeting without making someone uncomfortable.
The following are NOT allowed in your signature:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Websites
  • Professional titles
  • Business information

Common things sisters include in their signature:

  • Chapter name
  • Initiation year
  • College(s)
  • Year graduated
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Delta Zeta offices currently held



Members shall not advertise/promote their home-based or work-at-home businesses either by unsolicited SPAM or in posts providing website information, etc.  However, please feel free to post a link to your business or contact information in the “Career Central” sub-forum of “The Chapter Room.” We encourage sisters to support each other in our endeavors. Avatars are not to be used for advertisement logos or business advertisement. Referral links are NOT considered at-home businesses or consulting. See section on referral links for those guidelines.


When posting a link to a website or service using a link where you get credit of some kind, sisters are required to include in their post what, if anything, you receive by sisters clicking the link or signing up. The Content Monitors will edit posts without that information so sisters are informed appropriately.


A brief mention of a legitimate (please check an urban legend/hoax site first) website link can be posted.  Example: “I just found that if you go to this website, that you can donate food to the masses or funding for cure of XYZ.”  Personal mention/stories about certain causes can also be posted.  Example: “I am walking in a race to cure XYZ in two weeks and am trying to raise donations for the cause, would anyone be willing to help donate?” Do not copy and paste lengthy descriptions of causes or events. Use a web link or ask members to contact you via PM or email for more information. Please also reference “Solicitation of Money” section for additional guidelines.


Solicitation of money for personal use is strictly prohibited.  For fund-raising to be advertised, it must be for a trust, foundation or certified non-profit.  If you are running/walking in a race or other similar event for a specific cause that meets one of the above requirements in the “Social Causes” section, you are most welcome to let sisters know.  All funds requested must be paid directly to those organizations.  Any requests on behalf of a Delta Zeta collegiate chapter must be approved through the officer board prior to posting.


The Taboo Topics sub-forum is a place where sisters can discuss sensitive and/or controversial topics. If you feel that you cannot be respectful of differing opinions, then the Taboo Topics sub-forum is not a place for you. Absolutely no personal attacks or escalation of heated discussions will be allowed. Sisters are free to disagree and have different opinions. However, sisters will be polite or they will receive a warning from the Content Monitors. If the sister continues to violate the Taboo Topic guidelines, she may be suspended or permanently banned from posting privileges, not only from the Taboo Topics sub-forum, but also from Surfing Sisters in general. Surfing Sisters’ Executive Board reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently remove the Taboo Topics sub-forum in the event that it becomes clear that our members cannot, in fact, engage in civilized debates without name calling or disrespect of other’s opinions.

Possible topics that could be discussed in the Taboo Topics sub-forum, but not an exhaustive list:

  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Medical and mental health issues


If you are discussing a TV show, movie, or book and have information that might be a spoiler, please add the word “spoiler” in your subject header.  The forum is also equipped with spoiler tags to cover spoiler information, which allows members to choose what information about a show/movie/book they do or don’t want to see.  Please remember that we are not all on the same time zone, so while some shows may have aired in your area, they may be playing in another.


Please post all prayer/positive thought requests in the “Prayers and Good Thoughts” sub-forum.


This is not tolerated on this forum.  Remember that online messages or posts do have a tone and can come across in many different ways, so please make sure that what you type is not directly or intentionally disrespectful to another.  If necessary, please use emoticons to help better express your opinion.  Swearing, escalating, and additional hostile talk is also not allowed on this list.  If you feel a need to express a curse word, please know that the forum will automatically convert the word to symbols (i.e. #$%&*@).  If you are on a rant, please note this in the subject line of your post. The Executive Board reserves the right to decide what is and what is not considered a curse word on this forum.


Due to the unique nature of the electronic forum, Surfing Sisters has created this set of Posting Guidelines to help the flow of conversation and maintain a level of communication that is acceptable to all. If you notice a post which violates any of these posting guidelines, you may send a notice to the Content Monitors by clicking the “! Report” button within the post in question, and providing an explanation of what you believe the violation to be.  The Content Monitors will investigate the report upon receipt, and take necessary action, if any. The Content Monitors will notify members privately if they fail to follow these guidelines. A reminder from a Monitor is meant to protect and maintain the principles of our alumnae chapter. If you wish to discuss the issue, please reply to the Monitor directly and she will be more than willing to clarify the situation. In serious cases, such as when a member posts something deemed offensive or disrespectful, they may receive an “official” warning. Each potential offense is discussed by the Content Monitors, but it is the responsibility of the Content Monitor(s) to bring it to the Executive Board’s attention and then notify the offender accordingly.

After two “official” warnings, a member may be subject to “moderation” should any further violations occur. Moderation means that all posts by that member must be viewed and approved by a Content Monitor prior to posting (members may be asked to edit their posts prior to receiving such approval).  Moderation will last for a term not fewer than 90 days. If there are two additional violations during this moderation period, the sister’s posting access will be terminated. She will be removed from the forum and will lose her chapter membership privileges.  Once a member successfully completes the moderation period, she will return to full posting status. Should she violate the guidelines at any time after her moderation period, her membership is subject to termination as determined by the Board of Officers.



The monitors and officers welcome your comments and interest in helping to keep Surfing Sisters a happy and exciting place for all.  If you have any questions or comments about these guidelines, please contact one of the monitors or officers and they will be happy to respond.  When your concern is voiced off list to an officer, it is brought to the attention of the Executive Board and opened for discussion.