No matter our age, geographical location or collegiate chapter, we all share a common bond of sisterhood that extends beyond our time at college. Furthermore, it is important for us, as an alumnae chapter and as individuals, to give our time, talents, and treasures to our collegians. In turn, this will encourage our collegians to do the same and decide to remain active in our sorority, including Surfing Sisters, for many years to come.

–Alli, Former Vice President of Collegiate Relations

As in any other “brick & mortar” alumnae chapter, we strive to develop a strong relationship with a collegiate chapter by planning events and activities that strengthen the chapter and it’s members. However, our Collegiate Relations program is unique, because we’re not defined by one college campus and one chapter. We still assist collegiate members in various capacities, such as philanthropies, Recruitment, and morale, but we do it with any collegiate chapter that reaches out to us for this need.

Each year, the committee for Collegiate Relations examines what our membership has to offer a collegiate chapter of Delta Zeta. A process of matchmaking ensues, and the year is set for an exciting year of mentorship, support, and morale.

We have the ability to reach out to collegiate chapters across the U.S.A. and Canada. Since we have sisters all over the world we can assist with various programs when specifically asked. We can have various projects going on at once due to having sisters located in different areas

We are able to show that our sisterhood does go beyond the boundaries of your collegiate chapter, and we’re proud of the variety of programs that have been developed on the passion and expertise of our alumnae chapter members.


Current and Past Programs:

Recruitment Recognition: At the beginning of a collegiate chapter’s formal recruitment we send them a good luck postcard; at the end of recruitment, we send a congratulations postcard

“What’s Happening Among Our Collegiate Chapters”: This is a place where our members can post various events collegiate chapters are hosting, ask for assistance that a collegiate chapter might need, share accomplishment of a collegiate chapter, etc.

“Kindling a Flame”: This is a program in which our alumnae chapter adopts a collegiate chapter that does not have a strong alumnae presence for one academic year. We assist them by asking them what needs they have and finding ways our chapter can provide it to them; we also celebrate their accomplishments and encourage them in their endeavors.

Some of the collegiate chapters that we have helped through our programs include Bryant University, Texas A&M, Frostburg State, Michigan Tech, Stephen F. Austin University, Angelo State, and Ashland University.

Past programs include:

“Diamonds and Pearls”: This program paired up a member of our chapter with a collegian from a chapter that was nominated for this program. The chapters nominated did not have a strong alumnae presence or could use some assistance. The alumna participants were to send one card to their collegian each month, and send an end of the year “Congratulations on Graduation/Happy Summer” gift. Matches were determined by majors and common interests.

“Sisters Helping Sisters”: This program had our alumnae chapter assist collegiate chapters, which were nominated for this program, that had specific needs. The chapters nominated did not have a strong alumnae presence or could use some assistance.